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COREON session

On Friday 23rd of June, a special COREON session will be held from 12.45-14.00.


All researchers recognize the difficulties of dealing with rules and legislation (e.g. GDPR/AVG, WGBO) in their research studies. Therefore, last year, COREON published a new Code of Conduct (‘gedragscode gezondheidsonderzoek’). This new Code of Conduct replaces the previous two separate codes on use of biospecimens and data (‘code goed gebruik’ and ‘code goed gedrag’). In this WEON session, we will focus on the implementation of the code of conduct into practice. Which changes are important for researchers? How are COREON and other organizations working on the translation of the Code into practice? And what can researchers expect in the future? In this interactive session we will focus on these questions, but there will also be room for your questions and discussion.

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