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Thursday June 22nd

Cancer 1

  • Patterns of multiple recurrences in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (P1) Jasper P Hof
  • Simulation models on the natural history of ductal carcinoma in situ: a systematic review (P2) Keris Poelhekken
  • Survival and drug treatment patterns in multiple myeloma patients exposed to an anti-CD38 monoclonal antibody, a proteasome inhibitor and an immunomodulatory imide drugs (P3) Liza Hoveling
  • Low- and high-fat dairy intake in relation to risk of recurrence in subgroups of people with non-metastatic colorectal cancer at diagnosis (P4) Anne-Sophie van Lanen
  • Is change in metabolic status linked to skin cancer? (a cohort study in the northern part of the Netherlands, Lifelines) (P5) Michael Zemedkun Shimelash
  • Development and evaluation of a prediction model for improvement of self-reported cognitive problems in chemotherapy-exposed breast cancer patients 2-4 years after diagnosis (P6) Beatriz Gómez Oliveros
  • Diagnostic accuracy of abbreviated breast magnetic resonance imaging for breast cancer screening: a multi-reader study (P7) Sophie EL van Grinsven

Nutrition and Body composition

  • Longitudinal associations of macronutrient and micronutrient intake with plasma kynurenines in colorectal cancer survivors up to 12 months post-treatment (P14) Daniëlle DB Holthuijsen
  • Adherence to the EAT-Lancet Healthy Reference Diet in association with cardiovascular events and environmental impact: the EPIC-CVD cohort study (P15) Chiara Colizzi
  • Effect of biologic therapy on total body composition in severe asthma patients (P16) Edith Visser
  • The Effect of Combined Dietary and Exercise Interventions on Body Composition of Cancer Survivors: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (P18) Yassin Engelberts


Descriptive epidemiology:

  • Impact of polypharmacy on the quality of life in Dutch dialysis patients: a qualitative study (P26) Julia M.T. Colombijn
  • Type 2 diabetes, the epidemic: trends in incidence and prevalence, 2004-2020 (P27) Karin MA Swart
  • HIV and Non-Communicable Disease Multimorbidity: Results from the Ndlovu Cohort Study, South Africa(P28) Tanya N Balani
  • Risk of Recurrent Stroke in the General Population – The Rotterdam Study (P29)

Brian B.P. Berghout

  • Preferences of patients with chronic kidney disease for prognostic information provision: a survey (P30) Jet Milders
  • Motives and barriers to visit green space for women with a Turkish or Surinamese background living in disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Netherlands (P31) Lieke van den Brekel
  • Sex-specific cardiovascular drug prescription patterns in Dutch primary care (P32) Tessa TCX Duk

Mental health

  • Suicidal self-poisoning among adolescents in Morocco: risk factors and attributable mortality (P39) Fatine Hadrya
  • Profile of chemical suicide in Morocco (P40) Fatine Hadrya
  • Genetic exploration of the relationship between cardiovascular disease and post-traumatic stress disorder (P41) Eva Lukas
  • The association of HIV status and depressive symptoms in the Ndlovu Cohort Study, South Africa (P42) Li Xiang Y den Boer
  • Sleep quality, sleep quantity, and sleep disturbances among hospital night-shift workers (P43) Fleur van Elk
  • The effects of an interdisciplinary re-employment program on paid employment and mental health among persons with severe mental disorders (P44) Roos W Hijdra
  • Individual mental health patterns and the role of lifestyle among ageing adults over 20 years – the Doetinchem Cohort Study (P46) Kirsten Wesenhagen

Infectious disease

  • SARS-CoV-2 risk factors among vaccinated adults attending community testing locations in the Netherlands from June 2021 till February 2022(P54) Claudia Laarman
  • The mpox outbreak in the Netherlands in 2022: epidemiology and vaccination campaign (P55) Manon R Haverkate
  • One size does not fit all! Barriers and drivers towards adherence to COVID-19 prevention measures among underserved groups in the Netherlands(P56) Valérie Eijrond
  • COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women: uncertainty influencing vaccination intentions (P57)  Fraukje E.F. Mevissen
  • The influence of case factors and care-related factors on the timeliness of testing and contact tracing for COVID-19 in the Netherlands (P58) Jizzo R Bosdriesz
  • Oxygen Saturation Trends in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients (P59)

Sanne van Weers

  • Exploring the determinants of consistent use of a novel outbreak alert and notification system to monitor SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks in elderly care facilities, the Netherlands. (P60) Lisa Verspeek

Friday June 23rd

Cancer 2:

  • Healthy life expectancy: is there a gap between rare and common cancer patients? (P10) Eline de Heus
  • Incidence, survival, and mortality of cancer in children and young adolescents in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2004-2015: a comparative population-based study (P11) Hanne Peirelinck
  • Long-term effects of exercise interventions during chemotherapy in non-metastasized breast cancer patients on patient-reported outcomes (P12) David Binyam
  • Longitudinal determinants of physical activity among patients with colorectal cancer: from diagnosis to 5-year post-diagnosis (P13) Jeroen WG Derksen

Clinical epidemiology

  • Clinical trial register searches for systematic reviews of randomized clinical trials involving interventions (P19) Tabea Kaul
  • Preoperative chronic opioid use and outcomes after primary hip and knee arthroplasty: Do age, sex, and BMI matter? (P21) Heather E. van Brug 
  • Effect of faecal calprotectin testing on referrals for children with chronic gastrointestinal symptoms in primary care: results of a cluster randomised controlled trial (P22) Sophie SM Ansems
  • Clinical meaningful variability in recovery trajectories of work-related knee-straining activities and return to work in Total Knee Arthroplasty patients of working age. A multicenter 12 months prospective cohort study (P23) Yvonne van Zaanen
  • Benchmarking quality of surgical care in esophageal and gastric cancer surgery: validity and reliability of textbook outcome quality indicators (P24) Margrietha van der Linde
  • Tools for Assessing Quality of Studies using Real-world Data: aLiterature Review and Content Analysis (P25) Li Jiu


  • Association between physical activity, immune-related adverse events and mortality in patients undergoing immune checkpoint inhibition (P33) Anna Cabane Ballester
  • Associations of maternal shift work during pregnancy with DNA methylation in offspring: a meta-analysis of epigenome-wide association studies (P34) Irene Marques
  • The influence of early gestational weight gain on adverse birth outcomes and the mediation role of late gestational weight gain among women:The KITE cohort study. (P35) Getaneh B Mulu
  • Effectiveness of the walking intervention ‘the National Diabetes Challenge’ on different wellbeing outcomes among people (at risk of) diabetes (P36) Mirte Boelens
  • The longitudinal associations between lifestyle factors and Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH): findings from the Doetinchem Cohort Study (P37) Lotte Werner

Cardiovascular disease

  • The added value of ECG abnormalities in predicting incident cardiovascular disease risk for people with type 2 diabetes: The Hoorn Diabetes Care System cohort (P47) Peter P Harms
  • A global perspective on cardiovascular risk factor management in patients with CHD and different educational level: SURF CHD II (P48) Anna Marzà Florensa
  • Prognostic value of temporal patterns of left atrial reservoir strain in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (P49) Abou Kamar
  • VAC4EU study to identify risk factors for the development of myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA-1273 vaccination in four European countries: methodological considerations (P50) Laura C Zwiers
  • Biomarkers of microvascular dysfunction and cerebral white matter connectivity: The Maastricht Study (P51) Magdalena Beran
  • Prognostic factors and models for patients with peripheral artery disease to predict mortality: a systematic review (P52) Cindy P Porras
  • Systematic review protocol registration: the perspectives of researchers, peer-reviewers and journal editors through an online survey (P53) Kim van der Braak


  • Predicting self-perceived general health status using machine learning: an external exposome study (P61) Jurriaan Hoekstra
  • Development and Validation of Prediction Models for Chronic Opioid Prescriptions after Total Knee and Hip Arthroplasty (P62) Heather E. van Brug
  • Effective sample size: expressing individual uncertainty in predictions (P63) Doranne Thomassen
  • Daily prediction of tomorrow’s disease severity of critically ill patients (P64) Wenbo Zhang
  • Estimation of the number of clinical prediction model development publications over time based on a systematic literature search (P65) Banafsheh Arshi
  • A new classification system for primary care (ICPC-3) and its effects on national incidence and prevalence estimates of morbidity (P66) Joost W Vanhommerig

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