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Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1
May 29 - 13:10 - 14:00
Theater Foyer & Atrium
Screen A - Oncology
13:10PP.A.01The mediating role of the kynurenine pathway in longitudinal associations between dietary intake and quality of life in colorectal cancer survivors up to 12 months post-treatmentDaniëlle Holthuijsen
13:20PP.A.02Variation in clinical practice for breast cancer follow-up in the Netherlands: will artificial intelligence make a difference?Madelon Voets
13:30PP.A.03One-third of mantle cell lymphoma and follicular lymphoma cases are preceded by a prolonged low-count monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis-like indolent phaseMartijn Kolijn
13:40PP.A.04A retrospective analysis of the healthcare pathway of head & neck cancer patients from first visit to a general practitioner to diagnosis in the NetherlandsNaomi Reimes
13:50PP.A.05Intra-abdominal high-grade serous carcinoma after normal risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy in asymptomatic BRCA1/2 germline pathogenic variant carriersIris Stroot
Screen B - Lifestyle and Nutrition
13:10PP.B.01Is our purchased food reflective of our dietary intake? Validity of supermarkets’ food purchases as indicator of diet quality in the Supreme Nudge StudyChiara Colizzi
13:20PP.B.02Characterizing individual vitality patterns in ageing adults over a period of 20 years – the Doetinchem Cohort StudySanne de Graaf
13:30PP.B.03Lifestyle and cognition: separating the effects of average lifestyle and lifestyle changesKirsten Wesenhagen
13:40PP.B.04Determinants of brain ageKostas Stoitsas
13:50PP.B.05A Healthy Protein TransitionJanette de Goede
Screen C - Exposome and Cardiovascular Disease
13:10PP.C.01Factor Xa inhibitor–related major bleeding events in the NetherlandsJordy Gaspersz
13:20PP.C.02The impact of air quality on health of the Haaglanden region in 2019Eline Kolb
13:30PP.C.03Usual on-therapy ranges of drug concentrations in patients with atrial fibrillation treated with direct oral anticoagulants: a systematic review and meta-analysisTim de Vries
13:40PP.C.04Single and joint effects of long-term air pollutant exposure on cardiac function and new-onset heart failure riskGina Ginos
13:50PP.C.05Sex-specific associations of sex hormones and sex hormone binding globulin with risk of mortality: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studiesMojgan Amiri
Screen D - Methodology I
13:10PP.D.01Drug survival of IL17 and IL23 inhibitors for psoriasis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of single-arm studies using a distribution-free random effects model to estimate summary survival curvesLiana Barenbrug
13:20PP.D.02Triangulation for causal loop diagrams: constructing biopsychosocial models using group model building, literature review, and causal discoveryJeroen Uleman
13:30PP.D.03Application of the patient preference trial design in oncology: scoping review of the literatureDenice Kamp
New COSMIN guidance for researchers to help improve the selection of measurement instrumentsWieneke Mokkink
13:50PP.D.05Guidance for developing evaluation frameworks for health technologiesLinde Huis in 't Veld
Screen E - Clinical Epidemiology I
13:10PP.E.01Simply Essential: Investigating ideal cardiovascular health and risk of heart failure in a Dutch populationInge van Loon
13:20PP.E.02Real-world changes in fatigue in patients with severe asthma after starting anti-interleukin-4/13 biologicLianne ten Have
13:30PP.E.03How many people in the Netherlands live with a joint replacement? Prevalence estimates using data from the Dutch Arthroplasty Register (LROI)Mirthe van Veghel
13:40PP.E.04COVID-19 health impact: A use case for syndromic surveillance system monitoring in the NetherlandsImme Rahmon
13:50PP.E.05Sex differences in acute coronary syndromes: a systematic review across the care continuumPauline Kiss
Screen F - Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiology
13:10PP.F.01Decreased polyunsaturated fatty acids link Pb exposure with behavioral and emotional problems in preschool childrenYifeng Dai
13:20PP.F.02Reducing inequalities in antenatal care initiation: A hypothetical interventionClair Enthoven
13:30PP.F.03Impact of COVID-19 on dutch general practitioner prenatal healthcare: an interrupted time-series approachWikje Berends-Hoekstra
13:40PP.F.04Placental moderation and mediation in the effect of prenatal exposure to air pollutants on birthweightAlischa Ziemendorff
13:50PP.F.05High spatiotemporal resolution modelling of the association between ambient air pollution and adverse birth outcomes: A retrospective cohort study in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond regionMedha Pfaff
Screen G - Global and Public Health
13:10PP.G.01Do poor psychosocial resources mediate health inequalities in type 2 diabetes mellitus? Findings from The Maastricht StudyBengisu Sezer
13:20PP.G.02Towards a Planetary Health Impact Assessment Framework: the effects of RF-EMF as case study for a conceptual protocolMagdalini Stefanopoulou
13:30PP.G.03Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating Efficacy of Oral HIV Self-Testing on Increasing the Uptake HIV Testing Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in IndiaShruti Vashisht
13:40PP.G.04Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on institutionalization in memory clinic patientsEls Bakker
13:50PP.G.05Unhealthy food consumption by adolescents and its association with nutrient intake and double burden of malnutrition in urban slums in KenyaMilkah Wanjohi
Poster Session 2
May 30 - 13:10 - 14:00
Theater Foyer & Atrium
Screen A - Oncology and Lifestyle
13:10PP.A.06Longitudinal associations of diurnal rest-activity rhythms with fatigue, insomnia, and health-related quality of life in survivors of colorectal cancer up to 5 years post-treatmentMarvin Chong
13:20PP.A.07Sedentary behavior and standing time are longitudinally associated with diurnal rest-activity rhythms up to 5 years after colorectal cancer treatmentKoen Frenken
13:30PP.A.08Effects of a 12-week combined aerobic and resistance exercise program on body composition in patients with esophageal cancer, in the first year after completion of primary treatmentAniek Bonhof
13:40PP.A.09Smoking behavior and the risk of tumor recurrence and progression in patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancerJoann Kiebach
13:50PP.A.10Physical activity and risks of recurrence and progression after non-muscle invasive bladder cancer diagnosisIvy Beeren
Screen B - Exposome
13:10PP.B.06Air pollution in relation to brain health indicators and global cognitive functioning in patients with cardiovascular disorders along the heart-brain axisErik Timmermans
13:20PP.B.07Air pollution and long COVID: effects on pulmonary function and radiological abnormalities 3-15 months post-COVIDLaura Houweling
13:30PP.B.08Combination of Concentration-Response Functions for PM2.5 and NO2 in Quantifying Air Pollution Mortality BurdenXuan Chen
13:40PP.B.09Air pollution exposure disparities among ethnic groups in high-income countries: a scoping reviewTehreem Mustansar
13:50PP.B.10Air pollutants and anti-Mullerian hormone: the Doetinchem Cohort StudyRunyu Zou
Screen C - Cardiovascular Disease
13:10PP.C.06Incidence and individual risk prediction of post-Covid-19 cardiovascular disease in the general population: a multivariable prediction model development and validation studyHannah la Roi-Teeuw
13:20PP.C.07Comparison of hospital visits, cardiovascular risk management and cardiovascular health between pre-, during and post-COVID-19 periodsAnna Zondag
13:30PP.C.08Cardiac, oxidative stress, and fibrosis biomarkers and incidence heart failure: systematic review and meta-analysisDaniëlle Noordermeer
13:40PP.C.09Sex differences in dispensed cardiovascular medication in primary careTessa Duk
13:50PP.C.10Echocardiographic markers of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction across levels of kidney function: a study based on data collected in routine clinical practiceCindy Porras
Screen D - Methodology II
13:10PP.D.06Validation of automated segmentation by AutoMATiCA versus manual segmentation for body composition analysis in colorectal cancer patients using diagnostic abdominal L3 CT imagesNadira Ribeiro Querido
13:20PP.D.07Predicting arm recovery after stroke using the Random Forest algorithmMaerziya Yusufujiang
13:30PP.D.08Calibration plots for prediction model validation in clustered data setsValentijn de Jong
13:40PP.D.09Evaluating impact of time-varying confounders and loss to follow-up in self-controlled risk interval analysis in a vaccine safety cohort event monitoring-based simulation studyMalede Sisay
13:50PP.D.10Knowledge, perceptions and reporting practices of theoretical design in causal observational epidemiological studies on the role of antibiotic use in the occurrence of asthma in childrenHayat Bentouhami
Screen E - Clinical Epidemiology II
13:10PP.E.06Preoperative atelectasis in patients with obesity undergoing bariatric surgery: a cross-sectional studyJavier Mancilla Galindo
13:20PP.E.07The influence of multimorbidity over frailty transitions in older adults over timeRafael Ogaz Gonzalez
13:30PP.E.08Elucidating Dupuytren Disease Recurrence: An Investigation of Epigenome-wide DNA Methylation PatternsOanh Thi Kim Nguyen
13:40PP.E.09Paving the way for MASH screening of high risk patients in primary and secondary care: preliminary results of GRIPonMASHVivian de Jong
13:50PP.E.10The use of different blood-based non-invasive tests in T2DM patients to identify clinically relevant liver steatosis: report of the AleCardio trialWeiwei Xu
Screen F - Pharmacoepidemiology
13:10PP.F.06Impact of pharmacovigilance interventions targeting diclofenac on pain medication use in the United KingdomTomas Lasys
13:20PP.F.07Effect of gene-drug interactions on antidepressant treatment side effects among patients with MDD, Anxiety and Bipolar disordersSena Lemma
13:30PP.F.08The relative risk of infection in people with multiple sclerosis using disease-modifying treatments: a systematic review of observational studiesMelissa Leung
13:40PP.F.09Impact of pharmacovigilance interventions targeting fluoroquinolones on systemic antimicrobial drug use and health outcomes in the NetherlandsTomas Lasys
13:50PP.F.10Rapid Test versus ELISA to Measure Infliximab Trough Concentrations: a Head-to-Head ComparisonMarleen Bouhuys
Screen G - Infectious Diseases
13:10PP.G.06Effects of medical risk group indication and age on antibody response and waning following COVID-19 primary series and booster vaccinations – a prospective cohort studyChristina Hoeve
13:20PP.G.07The progression of symptoms after SARS-CoV-2 infection in post COVID-19 patientsMerel Cornelissen
13:30PP.G.08Defining a long COVID ‘expotype’ within the P4O2 COVID-19 studyJudith Holtjer
13:40PP.G.09COVID-19 booster vaccine effectiveness in secondary prevention of major adverse cardiovascular events: the design of an emulated target trial in observational dataHannah la Roi-Teeuw